What is the context of avian influenza in the broader spectrum of animal-borne diseases?

  Avian influenza is one of many examples of zoonotic diseases, or diseases transmitted from animals to humans. In the broader context of animal-transmitted diseases, avian flu provides an important lesson on the risks of human-animal interaction.

   Avian flu vs. other zoonotic diseases

  Like other zoonotic diseases, such as malaria, Lyme disease and SARS, avian flu is the result of a complex web of interactions between humans, animals and the environment. As with these other diseases, avian flu shows that human activities, such as environmental change, the development of intensive animal husbandry, global travel and trade, can lead to the emergence and spread of new diseases.

   Making the most of the bird flu experience

  Experience with avian influenza can be used to better understand and manage other zoonotic diseases. For example, avian influenza monitoring methods, such as avian serological testing or genetic sequencing of viruses, can be used to track other diseases.

  Similarly, lessons learned from avian influenza management, such as the importance of early detection, inter-sector coordination, public education and bioassurance, can be applied to other animal-borne diseases.

   The role of avian influenza in global public health

  Avian influenza also has an important place on the broad spectrum of global public health issues. It is one of the first examples of diseases that have drawn public attention to the dangers of zoonotic diseases and large-scale pandemics. This has led to growing interest in the "One Health" theme, which emphasizes the importance of combining human, animal and environmental health.

  In conclusion, avian influenza is an important element in the broader context of animal-borne diseases. Experience with avian influenza can help manage other zoonotic diseases, and its place in global public health underscores the complexity and importance of these issues.

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